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The hippie festival

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Itís been fifty years since, Woodstock, the famous music festival was organized. This year, 2019, the hippie music has been heard on the beaches of Vama Veche at a celebration festival.
     Hundreds of people came from the country and from abroad, to participate to this commemoration. On the soft and still warm sand the people walked with the.......... bare feet, closer to the stage. They were dressed in the specific way of the late Ď60s. Both women and men were wearing flared jeans with colored shirts, round shape...... sunglasses. Some girls were wearing short white dresses with wide sleeves or other vintage models.
     The signs of peace and love were printed on huge posters everywere. Close to the scene there was an old yellow rehabilitated van, where everybody was making photos with. The relaxing music and the powerful game of the pale lights were infiltrating in your body system, making you feel like you were living in the same atmosphere like the one from Woodstock, in the year of í69.

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I love your choice of a festival. It's not the typical musical or fashion type of festival we all think of. It's also nice to see that people don't forget about old times. The only thing I would point out is that it's kind of short (in my opinion).



Wonderfull! I hadn't the chance to go to this kind of a festival, but it seems like a really nice place. I would have love to hear more about the festival, too. Besides that, the story is very good.



I like how you described this interesting  event. Your description caught my attention. I recognize that I never went to a festival like this  but I'm sure that next year  I will make time for events of this type.



Damn, I shouldn't keep reading these essays about festivals right now, when summer just ended. They make me so saaaad. Especially yours, with all that peace vibe and the whole idea of Woodstock. I can't tell if the festival really existed or if you've been there, but your piece still gave me the feels.
That's exactly why I agree with galactic_traveler, I needed a longer description, so that I could've cried louder...



It seems like a nice festival, but if I would've been in your place I would've gave more details to try and make the image as clear as possible, to make the reader feel like he has there with me.



When I read that my mind went straight to this summer and gave me lots and lots of nostalgic feelings about it!! Now I only think about good music ('good' in my opinion), good friends, the best summer nights spent with them


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » The hippie festival