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Don't hit that child

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ĎA little slap will make them understand they shouldnít do thatí. Thatís exactly what most parents say all over the word because basically, corporal punishment is legally acceptable. But is it morally acceptable? Parenting is not nearly as easy as we think it is. Dealing with a child that is going through a tantrum is very difficult and tiring. Many parents, being on the edge of anger, donít know how they should approach the little child, and they end up hitting them in order to discipline them. But is it that really going to help?

Studies have shown how corporal punishment can lead to serious mental health problems for the child. Even if we donít think about it, our childhood is what creates the contours of our personality and behavior. Most of the adults would probably say that Ďa little spank wonít affect them in any wayí, but we have to keep in mind that every child is different. They could be more sensitive, or be completely ignorant, And but for sensitive children, it can be traumatic. Itís not really just a manner of discipline, but more of a way to install fear inside them and that can easily transform into anxiety. They can also develop anger issues and borrow the same behavior, but in a violent way towards other people.

Over time, that child will slowly distance himself from his parents and he will start hiding and lying to them because of the fear of being beaten.

.............[in concluzie] In conclusion,  to solve problems, parents should consider going inside their childís mind and trying to find an innovative way to communicate with him and make him understand the mistakes heís making. In my opinion, corporal punishment is not good in any way, .......and, even if it is minor, it should be less used.

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You are right about corporal punishment: it shouldn't be accepted in any way these days, like the northern countries do. I think the cause for this is the lack of education and the need to impress others. Parents don't know how to act when their child is misbehaving and wan to deal with the tantrums very quick, so other parents won't think they child is naughty and gossip.



I agree about what you said in this essay. But I think that not all parents can to such things, like the country people. They don't know much about psichology or parenting. I think that for them, it works the law of beating children, unfortunetly...
But in genral, the violence is not a solution.  :hobo:



I couldn't agree with you more. Violence is a very dramatic problem and for a lot of people it doesn't mean anything. In these days there are a lot of parents who punish their children without trying to understand them and tryng to discuss with them. If every parent will do this they'll realise that their chlidren are going through some problems and then they will got the chance to help them.



I totally agree with you corporal punishment can be very bad not just for sensitive kids but for every kid even for the parents they can become very aggressive and hit maybe even others not just their kids when they are angry. The same can happen to the kid he can become violent and hit others and also he can become traumatized and maybe even develop mental issues that can be very dangerous in the future. I also think that kids may sometimes need to be discipline for example when i was a baby i was looking and touching an electrical outlet an my dad slapped my hands and told me never to touch it again and i listened and i never touched it ever again. In conclusion i think that you shouldn't abuse your kids but some times you should tell them what they are strictly forbidden to do.



Hi... I like your essay and I agree, also I know that the subject that you chose it's quite difficult because its a controversial subject.
In rest you did well, my grade for you is 8.5/9.5 :)


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Don't hit that child