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Experiencing loss

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I think everybody experiences loss at some point. No matter who you are, no matter what you think you definitely lost something dear to you. And whether it is an object, a person, or even yourself, it hurts. It always does.
  You lose the new phone that you saved up for months in the tram and, you have to tell your parents and, see the disappointment in their face. It hurts.
  You lose someone dear to you. Maybe you get in a big fight with your best friend and you know you can never go back to how you were before. Maybe your grandma died suddenly and you can't eat cookies anymore because it reminds you of her. It really hurts.
  Maybe you lose yourself, which is, in my opinion, the worse thing that could happen. You were always a happy kid. Always with a smile on their face. Always laughing, making jokes, or hanging out with people. You had no care in the world and no one's opinion mattered. But something, someday, changed. You start to see the world in gray. Everybody and everything annoys you. You see no point in smiling or in being positive. You are numb. You lost yourself. And it hurts like hell.
So how do you get over it? Because you can't stay like this forever, can't you? Sad and miserable all your life. That doesn't sound very good. And the truth is you're not always going to be like this. Firstly, you don't ignore the pain. You cope with it. You embrace it and you accept it until it transforms into power.
  What you are going through right now: all the loss you are experiencing and all the pain you are feeling are going to transform you into the most powerful person in the whole world.



Your essay is very empowering and sincere, I really appreciate it. I think that embracing what you're going through is always the best way, too, 'cause accepting who you are is very powerful for the psyche. Everybody's got their bad phases in life, but what truly matters is how you manage to get over them.



When I read your essay I thought about everything I have at the moment and how important is for us to stop from what we do for a moment and just to realized we are healthy, we are surrounding with lovely people who are with us even in the bad and hard moments in our lives, our family is with us no matter what, and these are the more important things we had not just material things that maybe we work hard for them but they will never equal a soul. Bravissima!



I agree with you, loosing yourself is definitely the worst kind of loss. I like the way you really focused on how much it can hurt, but also that it is not necessarily permanent, that there are ways to regain yourself, as well as your self-confidence. In my opinion, that is something that should be said more in our world, where everyone is looking for a purpose.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Life lessons » Experiencing loss