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Minor corporal punishment

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Nowadays adults use the corporal punishment for their children mostly because, in their turn, they were punished in the same way. Sometimes they use this type of "education" not only to enforce themselves in front of children, showing their power and superiority, but also to hide a deep frustration inside them. From a psychological point of view, even a spank can harm a child, moreover  especially if it happens constantly. I strongly believe that minor corporal punishment is not acceptable, nevertheless although there are countries where violence in family is practised day by day.
         To start with, every child is a human who must be respected and deserves the best conditions in order to grow up psychically and mentally in his united family, in a healthy atmosphere. Unfortunately, our world doesn't provide it, despite the idea of children's rights which is spread all around the world. A parent spanks his child because he thinks it's the simplest way to discipline him. Another reason is that everyone does it as well and nothing bad happens. Most of them think about they own their children they own them due to the fact that they gave them birth and so they have the right to take their lives.
         Secondly, even the most insignificant act of violence can affect the child’s mentality and he will feel more stressed around his parents. If he is too young, he won't understand why his father slapped him but if he is at the age he can understand, the best way is to discuss and to solve the problem in .......another way, explaining through the words what he did wrong and why it's wrong. Also, if a parent apply..... the physical punishment, the blows can lead to a boomerang effect. That child will grow-up and, in his turn, he could hit his kid as well or even his parent, thinking it's something normal and natural only because he was treated like that while being a kid.
         To sum up, parents need to be taught how to grow up raise their children, because minor corporal punishment is not a solution to the problem. It can harm the mentally health of the child, but unfortunately, ....... the majority of parents still think it's natural to hit their kids, corresponding in this way to the model of a traditional family.

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It is not easy to talk about this subject. Physical violence can be good for kids. Many parents use this strategy because they want to offer to their kids a life lesson. Violence must have a limit, it is not ok if it happens constantly! It can produce depression, anxiety, the kids can feel lonly.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Minor corporal punishment