Have you ever felt guilty after munching on a juicy, tasty burger? Or set healthy eating as a New Year resolution every year? Well, I think all of us have been there. Healthy eating is a very controversial subject today, especially when we read all those articles about the consequences of a chaotic lifestyle, the predisposition of developing several health problems such as diabetes, heart issues, obesity or even depression, bulimia and anorexia. But should you eat as healthy as possible?

I think that the media  has a very influential role. Itís impossible to see an advertisement of junk food without feeling the urge to go and eat it. At the same time, .............. the media creates a false body image of how we all should look. Have you ever seen an advertisement with an obese person? They want us to eat junk food, but have the idealized body at the same time and thatís what makes us feel guilty after eating junk food.

Going to a fast food restaurant can be more convenient with our hectic lives or even for our budget, than just spending time and money cooking a complete meal at home. And choosing the easiest way is exactly what creates some kind of comfort zone for us. But eating at restaurants constantly will make your body feel sick. The hormones and chemicals found inside junk food are unhealthy.

However, going overboard with a healthy diet can have bad influences on your mind and body as well, but [deși] although, less so than doing it with junk food. But it can lead to other bad things such as lack of vital substances. And sometimes people that eat only vegan, for example, can be arrogant, criticizing our lifestyle, making us not want to be like them.

In my opinion, what we need to do is to find a balance. You should start cooking because putting effort into your food will only make it tastier and healthier but at the same time, if you feel like it, you can reward yourself on a cheat day without feeling guilty.

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