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A former teacher that I liked

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This story is about my former english teacher from fifth to eight grade. Her name is Ms. Scaesteanu and she was wonderful. She has this eye-caching sourcherry hair that was like her signature trait beside her special way of clothing: Ms. Scaesteanu was always wearing bright coloured clothes and very interesting accessories. She had these wierd looking dolls with big puffy hair on her purse.
This teacher was very funny, every class that I had with her was filled with joy and laughter. She liked making fun of us, but we all enjoyed it because we knew they were just jokes.
We didn't do really much in her classes, mostly because our class' main foreign language was french so she didn't bother that much to teach us anything too advanced , but we still learned a lot from her.
      She was, and still remains, my favorite teacher of all time because, besides her unique character, she helped me a lot in my own personal evolution; she made me understand that it is better to be yourself, to speak your mind without always thinking about what is anyone else going to say about you. I looked up to her and by seeing her always telling what she thought and embracing her weirder side it helped me break a wall in myself, this way I stopped hiding parts of my personality.
      I think she is the only teacher that I liked entirely, I don't remember complaining about her to anyone. She was a sweetheart.
      I ..... heard that she ...... retired and I'm sad to hear that because now there aren't going to be anymore kids that would enjoy her company.

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Your teacher is one of a kind, there are very few like her, unfortunately. It'a shame that most teachers prefer introducing us to dry mostly useless facts instead of focusing on personal development and teaching important real life skills, such as the importance of being yourself.



I also wanna talk about a teacher that I personally like. His name is Domn' Leonte. He is the best male English teacher from our school(he's the only male English teacher from our school). End of the story. Anyways, nice composition about the person who you liked, it's nice to see that there are some teachers who can be nice to their students.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » A former teacher that I liked