Io I gotta tell you about my favourite teacher of all times. He was so cool, man, that guy was a pimp. A pimp like snoop doggy dogg not soft bullshit that we see in nowadays.
So, he was a very cool teacher cause he made us learn our lessons with even noticing it. I remember one day when he told us a story about him throwing out the window some tests only to put the kids in that class to pick them up. (That bad were the tests yeah)
He had a huge nose which made him look scarier. He was very tall and well-built, looking like a BigFoot but not that hairy. He was very cool and easy-going even though he was kinda old. He understood us whenever we had a problem and always was open to new, fresh ideas.
That guy will forever remain in my memory as the perfect teacher of all times but there is still time left to change my mind about that.

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