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Crazy person

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Oh guys, let me talk about a crazy ass person. I'm sure you saw even crazier humans than this but this is my example so stfu.
We start off with (him ) his clothing. He wears oversized shoes so his foot can breathe ( he told me that our lungs are just a conspiracy theory and we actually breathe through our skin). Also he always has a pair of camo pants so the governmental satellites can't track him down. The white T-shirt is mandatory so he can save the planet( he thinks that by wearing a white T-shirt he sends the ultraviolet beams back to the universe). He (didn't) hasn't cut his hair in like 12 years and actually look like Gandalf but my guy doesn't have white hair (dammit).
He is a very (paranoic) paranoiac dude. .....for example......[de exemplu], he thinks he was abducted by aliens and they have put a microchip in his head but what I think is that drugs are illegal kids and if you get addicted it's no coming back from there.
Oh about clothing, he wears a pair of glasses looking like jar bottoms. Actually he wears these to see better but I think that he is lying about this but it doesn't matter
I think that's it see ya!!!

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The person that you describe is weird, I had never meed this kind of person it's a low chance for it to exist.Due to your imagination!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Crazy person