Long time no see I guess(this is for u teach).
I think my family's .....re...union is among the best that could ever be. Just imagine like more ...than.... 30 even 40 people (standing)  sitting all together at one table chatting about politics, scholarship, laughing about naughty things that happened in the past and all kind of other activities like darts, cutting grass, watering the plants, playing football and many others.
Last year when we gathered all together at grandma's a (drunken) drunk was wondering .....down...... the alley in front of the house. He was shouting loud that he was drunk and ready to go (on a ) onwar with everybody that would stand against him. At first, the men (from ) inthe family ignored him but when he started climbing my grandma's fence everybody got (turned up) angry. They waited for that guy to finish climbing and then they beat him up really quick and kicked him out of the garden. The kids that were scared by the drunken guy started laughing( I know that's fucked up but leave it that way) when they saw that person literally flying over my grandma's fence. Everybody returned to their activities like nothing ....has...... happened.
Good thing grandma was sleeping because that guy would have been seriously injured by the wrath of the nine realms that my grandma is summoning when she gets angry. May the luck of that day follow him for the rest of his days.
There are more enjoyable stories about family ....re...unions that I could say but I think this is the most appropriate to the topic and has (a) "clean" language.

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