Yesterday, I was searching for condoms on Emag. And I was really shocked when I saw in a corner of the page that the new album of Logic was out.  First time I wanted to listen to a descriptive song “Homicide”. And I loved it because his verses was incredible good and Eminem has appeared too in it. GOD DAMN IT… I died when finally I headed something from Eminem. He`s my favorite artist and for me he is the best in rap. Now it is a little to talk about new rappers and old rappers. I find the old-school better than new-school but there are so many different opinions. In addition I like to try new things and I am opened to new experiences. And that`s why I wanted to try listen to Logic. Now I like Logic too. He is good and I follow him.
After listening to “Homicide” my expectancies have grown a lot for his album which had to appear. I didn`t wanted to wait to buy it when it will finally come out. So I preordered it. Big mistake.
Although “Confessions of a dangerous mind” has entered the top but I didn`t like it. When it arrived, I was so excited to listen, but the first song was horrible. I skipped it, thinking that I will find some good songs, excluding “Homicide”. Boy…just one song from the playlist was a little bit better. Logic is a great artist but this album was weak. Maybe I didn`t understand the real message behind the lyrics or maybe I have just a shitty “taste” in music. Idk and Idc. (idk=I don`t know, idc=I don`t care)
I`m not disappointed and I don`t hate anything of this guy is doing because I know I cannot do it better. I really appreciate him so much but I just didn`t enjoyed.
Anyway the solution for this kind of problem is a better playlist in which I can add the kind of music I prefer.
Oh damn I forgot: now I don`t have any more money to buy the condoms I told you earlier because somebody thought that he could buy something else that wasn't important.. duh :tired: