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Friendship and moral values

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Is it better to point out the friend's failings rather than kindly ignore them?       
         The majority of the people declare they would like to hear a bitter truth rather than a sweet lie, but when it comes to pointing........ out someone's failings or to being........... criticized by your friend, the things might change.
          On the one hand, a good friend will always support you and point out your mistakes in order to help you to improve yourself. He usually means well for you and will never say something that could affect your state of mind or make things go worse. So, it's better to let your friend know what he did wrong and in this way to improve his attitude about some moral values, like respect, self-discipline, forgiveness or justice. Then he will change and act in a better way in other circumstances.
          The way you point it out is also very important, because if you're being harsh, you can hurt your friend's feelings and he can percept perceive your tries attempts as a way to dishearten him. For example, if you decide to point out your friend's disgraceful behaviour towards another person, you need to be patient and explain to.......... him that his way of behaving needs changes.
          On the other hand, sometimes it is better to kindly ignore your friend's failing, even if it's not that easy to overlook the fact your friend did something wrong. It always depends on situation, because some mistakes can be overlooked, mean while the others can not be not. And if you decide not to point it out, the main reason is the fact that you don't want to hurt your friend's feelings or you are afraid of loosing him. Talking about the same bullying, the second attitude about your friend's despicable behaviour could be to kindly ignore it. However, even if he is your friend, he can also be wrong and it doesn't mean you just have to stay away and watch it without acting. Your friendship can be very strong and durable and it's good to always support your friend, but when he is wrong, your duty is to show him the right way.
          To sum up, despite your good relationships with someone, if he is close to you like as your friend and does something wrong, you need to point it out, because in that way you will help him to improve himself, while ignorance changes nothing.

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Pointing out some of the failings of your friend to him is a good idea sometimes. I agree with you, but others will not. You're right, if you really care about your friend you go to him and "snap him in the face", help him to become better.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Life lessons » Friendship and moral values