Religion is an important part of everyone’s life, within as unconsciously induces us to adopt a certain behavior the community. I believe that people should not choose their religion for a number of reasons.
     Firstly, the religion that is being implemented from birth has a history of thousands of years and strong values for which the descendants chose to follow it. Confirm in the religion of the parents and grandparents means belonging in the same tradition and assimilating specific beliefs. Religion influence the collaboration with a community through its same principles and spiritual connections.
     Secondly, the religion we are born with grows the innate spiritual base and helps us to discover ourselves. Religion influences personal belief and behaviour, moral concepts, ideals by offering answers of the meaning of human existence.
     Admittedly, our religion may contain certain concepts with which we do not fully agree. However, each religious group, whether it is Christianity, Catholicism or Buddhism, has negative parts that the community has learned to accept.
     In conclusion, while our religion can cause us doubts, we have to assimilate a tradition of thousands of years both with accurate principles and with inconveniences.

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