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A former teacher you liked

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Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, caliber, and future of an individual. If the people remember you as a good teacher, that will be the biggest honor that you can have.     
Unfortunately, most of the times we remember teachers, not for their personality and their special way of teaching and attracting us, but for how bad they made us feel most of the time for just not being good enough for them, for considering their specialty the most important, for the horrible and disgusting act of labeling children. Because even though society learned us that we're all equal and we are not able to judge others, many teachers have shown us the contrary. But besides it, there are some of us that had the opportunity to find at least one good teacher that made us feel good, implicated and interested in what they said. For me, a teacher that I will always remember is the teacher of French that I had in middle school. In the beginning, the relationship between us doesn't seem to really work out, I felt insecure most of the time when she was around me, but after a while when I started to open up and be myself around her and try to be implicated and interested and after I have shown her my innocence, her attitude has changed and I have seen a new teacher in front of me.
Why do I like her, and why do I remember her with nostalgy?
It's simple! First, she was the one that showed me that your attitude towards others can influence a lot what people think about you and even though some would seem to be rude and cold at first if you know how to speak with them and try to understand what they're going through you'll discover totally new people in the ones that you have never thought. Hours with her have passed unseen, lessons in French have become easier because when you have a good teacher that knows how to teach her students with her skills and with her nice personality everything it's more understandable.
Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students. The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates, but the great teacher inspires so pay attention to what you have in front of you at school.

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I agree with you in the beginning of your text and I really appreciate the ending. Ya, a teacher is much more then a man paid to teach us something - he is a promoter of knowledge and a person that can influence you greatly, determining you to follow a certain carrier or path in your life. Some teachers are memorable and stick with your memories for the entire life. Very very very good conclusion! Good luck onward!



The way you analyse this problem is quite sad and unusual. Besides the fact that you described the teacher you liked the most, you also pointed out how difficult is to find a good one. In the cases when even your teacher doesnít respect the moral values and isnít a good example for his students, then who will? Unfortunately, you are right about rude teachers who make us feel just not good enough for them and I concur with you. As I understood from your example, the pupil's behaviour is also very important in the teacherís attitude and in his relationship with him. It has a great impact on students' school life and their studies. But, unfortunately, not everyone has the same luck to have a good human as a teacher, whoís inspiring and supporting his students, taking into account their opinions, donít discriminate them and who is always ready to help.

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That is what I like about going to school and I am happy that you had a teacher like this in the past because in this way you learn French more easily and also you like it and you werenít stressed about it, like most of the time we are when it comes to school. These kind of people show us that we can bring happiness to people anytime and by that they detach themselves from the rest.



I really love the introduction and the way you highlighted the fact that we donít talk about our teachers in good ways. Maybe if you described your former French teacher more detailed? I mean i understand the fact that she was a lighthearted person, but what does she look like? is she old, young, tall, short, slim, plump?



I like your honesty! Teachers certainly have an important role to play in the pupils' lives, and the way he will be seen by the others depends on his teaching method.Surely many teachers prefer to be tough and authoritative, thus driving students away, howether, this method is not really bad,because that's how i managed to understand mathematics.I had a severe teacher I didn't like,and now I am grateful to that teacher.And yes, you're right,when you open your soul to a teacher,  this will see you with different eyes.


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