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A beautiful village

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The village I grew up in is called Probota. I don't have words to say how much I love this place and how wonderfull was my childhood spent there. I will always remember that time of my life and, besides the people that have made my life much more beautiful that it could have been without them, this countryside had a great contribution too.
It's not that big, but it is enough for a kid who just wants to have fun and play games all day with his friend. It has just two stores and you find everything you want in there, from chocolate and ice cream to dressing growns and flip flops. My gradmother stays right next to the streed so I had always been under supervision because I wasn't the most dutiful child. I had so many friends there, usually my grandma's neighbors' children, but unfortunately we don't keep in tough anymore.
There was a lake in the forest behind my courtyard. I remember that I had always been going to swim there and, after that, we had been eating sandwiches and things from my garden (like tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, cherries - my grandfather loved gardening)
My grandparents have had so many animals that I can't even remember all their names, but the first one that I rememeber is Lisa, my dog who has died and I was so sad that I cried every night for 3 months (because I used to spend the whole summer vacantion at my grandparents-I've felt so good there with my people that I've never wanted to go home). My favorite ones were the horses. My grandad thought me to ride them and I remember that I was always playing games like "Bibi and Tina" or I was picturing myself in a country movie. I still love this thing, even though I didn't do it for a quite long time.
The nights were the most magical things that I remember from that time. My grandmom was pretty strict, so after she was asleep, me and my grandpa were sneaking out and were watching the stars. I have heard all the stories about constellations and planets from him. I was never bored of his little tales about the Universe and I still remember them with all the details.
The most painful thing was the moment when I have had to go home, even though I whould've go there again soon. This village is the most beautiful village I have seen in my life.

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I think I've passed thourgh Probota once. Yet, it isn't the same as living there and experiencing for yourself. Good composition, well-written - it really spread the thought that Probota is a great village


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » A beautiful village