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How each of us breaks the law

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My childhood village is Vlădeni, somewhere in Iași county, but, for now, I live, mostly, in Iași.I study here. I said 'mostly' because somethimes, every 2 month...., let's say, in the week-ends, I go home, but I spend much more time in Iași, unfortunatelly. Therefore, I began to know more facts about this city, its best and, of course, its worst... Starting with the good part: in Iași you have a lot of places to visit, and you can found find very, very good people that will help you, no matter what your problem would be. And now, talking on the other side, it comes the bad stuff... The most important factor is, in my opinion, the people, unfortunately. I don't know how we're programmed, but the Boss (God, Allah, Mother Nature, or whoever has made us, has made fun of us and has determined us to destroy ourselfs,in no matter what way, violent or less violent, fast or very slow). All of us is doing, or, has did (happily for those who has had stopped) something that's against the law: I crossed the street on a place where wasn't any walkway crossing, that could destroy me, litteraly literally. When I was little, I used to throw away the wrappers ON THE STREET, that destroys us, indirectly; I think that everyone, mostly, write..... something bad about another person online (that's kind of forbidden too), and that can destroy that person too...
I've accused His/Her Highness for making us that way, but (there's always a 'but'), thereby we can create the bad, yes, but also the good.

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It's true what you said... Each of us has a bad part that we use it sometime. Unfortunetly, most of the people use the bad part instead the good one. But after all, this is the freedom. You can choose to do good or bad. It's everyone's choice.
I hope that you will see the good in people and less the evil ! ;)



If you ask me, I think it  dosen't exist someone who haven't done something bad in his life. This is our designation, we do some mistakes and then we realise what's good, we pay for what we've done and we  try to avoid doing those mistakes again.

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Omg, I like the way you wrote the story!! It's a little bit fun and serious and that caught my attention. I think always it will happen bad stuffs, also good stuffs because of some thing called "balance of universe", but all we can do it's to help the others to be kinder. love your story <3



I can agree with you. Everybody does bad stuff, even tho we don't want to. That's why they are called mistakes. We realize we did something wrong,  the next time we know what are the consequences, so we try and stop ourselves. Of course, you can choose if you want to be a good or a bad person, it's your choice, but my point is, that no matter how good we are trying to be, we will always do something bad once in our lives.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » How each of us breaks the law