Dear diary,

   Last week was a very busy week. Being the last week of training before the world championship, I had to neglect school, that is, to absent. The training took eight hours. The cost was high. I was at the point where I could not go to how hard my legs ached because of the holster sandals.

Another thing that bothered me was going to the seamstress. Going for a couple of hours there, after training until the evening is pretty bad. But we've gone through all these things successfully.

Thursday we flew to Bucharest. At one and a half in the afternoon we had an interview for  TVR. The interview lasted for a quarter of an hour. I and my partner Eric thought we would be free after ... but what to see .. the trainer told us we were going to recapitulate the main ideas for each dance. The training was over at eight o'clock. Another quiet day ...    Friday we had all day off. I ate what I wanted, I slept as I wanted it, I had time to take care of myself and of course to make a plan for the next day when the competition will take place.    The night passed very quickly. Emotions had already appeared. We were all a little agitated. Arriving at the hall where the contest was going to take place, we warmed up, we dressed up with the new outfits and got into the ring for the first round. Everything was exceptional. The formidable atmosphere. Fabulous costumes .. Everything was perfect. The second round has passed and the third and so on. We are in the finals. The organizers have announced that we have a presentation dance. Each pair after the order numbers of the contest entered and danced. After finishing the dance of the last pair, I made a big cross, I prepared slippers and I was confident on the parquet. Everything went very well until the penultimate dance, where my partner panicked because of a small pair who entered us. I thought I was going to fire at how nervous I was ... I left everything behind and I enjoyed the last dance in the finals of the world championship. At present we are world vice-champions and we are proud of this.