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The time I got stepped on by a cow

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It was a beautiful summer day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and it was sizzling outside. I was around 8 years old in second or third grade, I was in the summer break. Usually I spent it at the country side, w.....ere my grandparents lived and this time was no exception. As I didn't have kids my age to hang out with (between us, there were kids my age or at least around my age, but they were gypsies and neither I nor my mom wanted me to be around them), I usually spent my day at my neighbor's house(I think her name is Petronela and she was around 17 years old i believe, I don't remember very clearly). I got along with her very well despise the big age gap.
         Now, to get on the interesting part. It was about noon and I was was at Petronela's house chilling in the garden. She had this big sour cherry tree and I was trying to reach some. As we were at the country side, she had a cow. I don't really remember her name,it is possible that she was named Stella. Anyway, Stella was near me eating grass like cows do and she got close to me, like really really close. I didn't think anything of it because, on one hand I was little, I didn't think that much and on the other hand I loved animals, and still do. She continued to walk closer to me until she stepped on my foot. As I was a dramatic little brat I began to scream bloody murderer( I had an extremely high pitched scream back then). Even the cow was annoyed with my scream so she walked away, stepping off of my foot. Honestly, it didn't even hurt that bad, I was just a brat that wanted attention, but in my defense I was also scared. As I was screaming Petronela came rushing to me and then started laughing when I told her what ............... happened.
         And this is the story of the time a cow stepped on my foot.

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I have to admit - this is some unsual stuff:))), but is more comical that all end up well for you and the cow. I will remember from now onward to scream if I see a cow getting to close to me. Funny story and well written!



I must admit it was the title that brought me here and I am glad it did. I never thought the story of someone injured by a cow could be so funny. (For the record, though, cows can be really aggressive creatures. Beware of them...) Lovely composition.  Keep it up!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » The time I got stepped on by a cow