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I saw this on the internet

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In one summer day I woke up very tired after a sleepless night in which I played with my friends a horror game
My first instinct after I woke up was turn on  my computer and go to the bathroom
After I came from the bathroom I opend google chrome and I looked at the news page where was wrote about the horror game outlast was closed because it steals files and personal data from the players' computers
I called my friends to let them know about the news and they told me to finish the game in order to get into  files to change the files and spoil the game
After we played for about 2 hours and we finished the game we started changing files
I mistakenly saved some corrupted files and when I opened the game there were appear maps of the continents where we were shown all the computers that played that game
In a second everything was dark, the computer, the monitor they stopped
and the power went down
When the power returned game disappeared from my computer



Cool story dude seems like some dark wed type of shit but yeah good one I guess



I don't know if this story is real, but if it is, it must pretty scary to remain in dark after you played a video game :)
I personally, do not like horror games or movies. I heard that this game, Outlast, is having negative impact on its players. I prefer playing FIFA :)


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » I saw this on the internet