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How money was (not) important

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“Money is not buy happiness” but money is important because it means less financial worries money is important to have a constant life to keep your head above the water
It depends on each person, each has his own lifestyle
We all spend money diferentlly from rent to the money whitch we spend on clothes  toys and gadgets.
How money was important?
At the down of humanity, exchange was used in lieu of money to buy goods
The first currency was created by king Alyattes and the first coin ever made was roaring lion
Money has had a big influence an the past because all things are bought with money , all resources and even some informations



I totally agree with you but be careful cause the text is not that readable and u should put some commas between phrases. But don't get me wrong the idea is good only the fact that u should filter a bit the text.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » How money was (not) important