Friendships are what develops our social identity and even a part of our emotional intelligence. But how exactly do you define true friendship? Do you even consider yourself a true friend? I ask myself these questions constantly, just like you probably do too. As humans, sometimes we are faced with friendship related situations that we donít know how to get out of, or what's the best approach to the problem is. Letís say that, for example, youíve been friends with a certain person for, not quite a long time and that person does something that you think is embarrassing or unhealthy for their mind or body. In that situation, what are you, as a friend going to do? Should you point out their mistakes or just ignore them and cross your fingers, hoping that it wonít get worse?

First things first, a true friendship is established on three things: honesty, trust, and love and these three come together. Without honesty you canít build trust, without trust you canít truly love the person and without having each one them, you canít consider it a solid friendship. Many people think that honesty is the equivalent of disrespect or unkindness, but in reality, it means caring.

...............[linker] However, if you choose not to point out their failing, you might catch yourself feeling guilty because you basically keep that person away from growing, learning from their own flaws and mistakes. Sometimes they can be unaware and they need a wake-up call, they need your perspective, your opinion about that.

............[conclusion linker] To conclude, I know that sometimes we are afraid of the consequences of hurting the people we love. But would you rather wait for them to get their hearts broken, to develop insecurities and trust issues, or just prevent all that and assume the potential anger will later change into gratitude, making your connection even stronger? As long as youíre informing your friend of things that you see as issues, from a out of compassionate and loving motivation, then I think it is the right thing to do.

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