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I am a person who does not like to stay at home. I like going on trips, festivals, parties. I like to meet people, to visit all sorts of places, to be active and sociable. But when I think I'm leaving home for a long time, I remember some moments when I was little.
I was about 6 years old, me and my big cousin went to my grandmother in Brasov. Like any person, after a while, I came to pee, so I went to the bathroom on the train. The closer I got, the more I felt I could not breathe. I got in front of the bathroom door, it was all full of something like a gelatin. I opened it with a napkin, I had not seen anything more dirty or disgusting in my whole 6-year-old life. I'm not going to get into details because it would make me sick too. I still wanted to do it, so I went to another bathroom in another wagon, bad choice, it was even worse. And I went to the third, fourth and fifth baths ... it was getting worse and worse and guess what ?! Worse! I got back to my cousin after about half an hour, I did not say anything about it. I sat down and all I was doing was folding right to the left because I had not been to the bathroom yet. After a few minutes, the train had a stop for 15 minutes, so I went to the bathroom in that station, I had emotions.
When I entered the building, I was told that the bathroom is outdoors "how do you get out on the right" WHAAT?! I walked almost crying, I turned to the right and saw something made of wood with a half moon on it as in movies, like any grandfather in the country in the back yard and full of flies coming out of it. I had a few more minutes and I had to get on the train, my cousin pushed me into the bathroom and told me to stop being moody, but he did not understand that I was close to the toilet height, while he just had to stand up. I was in and I was afraid to open my eyes, after a few seconds after I pray.... .......... to be cleaner, I opened my eyes and saw a Turkish bath. It's like a hole in the floor, and you have to struggle to sniff it and do not mess with shoes or even your pants. I was happy because I managed to do my job without touching anything absolutely dubious. When we got out of the bathroom, we went directly to the train.
The story had a happy ending, but still I was marked by the toilets in the train, even if there were other trains 10 years ago, just joking, now they are even worse :)

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Hahaha you are so right! It's worse now... This is so funny and I can imagine how disgusted you were at 6 years :)
Also it's sad because you were so young and you've already been traumatized. At least, you got to your grandmother safe and clean and this is what matters in the end.



Poor you, you were just 6 years old!  :'( Those places are disgusting! But also that Turkish bathroom is not too great..  :canthearyou:


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » disgusting