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Healthy lifestyle

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Every day people eat different kinds of food: sweets, fast food, fruits, vegetables. ...However...........[linker], adopting a healthy diet is good for the bodyís energy .for a number of reasons...............[din mai multe motive] .
                   First of all, if you want to have a healthy lifestyle, it is appropriate  to give up fast food, high fat foods and excessive coffe.e..... consumption. We should eat what nature offers us: fresh fruit and vegetables, natural juices, dairy products and heat-treated food in the shortest possible time, before the final product loses...... benefical properties: vitamins, mineral salts. Specialty studies and doctors say that the ageing process is accelerated if food is unhealthy. The main reason for a short life is the introduction of meat into the diet. Meals with meat, bacon, sausage give a lot of satisfaction for the moment, but after 40-50 years, they disturb [/u]the [u]system of digestion and they favour obesity.
                 [Secondly, a diet should contain only what is......... necessary for the body, depending on the consumption rate of each age, the physical and intellectual effort. The people who have a low fat consumption are less exposed to cancer and cardiovascular disease. The style of eating full of meat and sugar produces addiction, because the brain cells are affected. Also,  ob..e...sity puts in danger heart activity.
                  In conclusion, it is appropriate to try to eat as healthy as possible, even if the [u]temptation is too big.

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Everything you said is accurate. We all should try to eat as healthy as possible, but let's not forget about working out, also. I think that everybody should try to incorporate some form of exercise to get the blood flowing and stay in shape, maybe go jogging or join a gym :glasses:



I agree with what you said, the diets that people have today are very unbalanced because they contain especially fatty, unhealthy food. People need to eat healthier, but I think meat should not be removed from the menu because it also contains important elements for the body.  :)



I agree of what you said but is hard for all of us to respect all that rules ... A 100% healty life style is a dream that we all dream at. I me case, I cannot respect it because it will be always a food that will attract me and I will eat it. That's it! 
But in genral, is correct what you said. :))



I agree with what you said. It is very important to have a healthy lifestyle. I think that people should give up fast food because I think that  this is the the most unhealthy food. You also mentioned something about the fruits and vegetables and about others natural products. If people would consume these ,maybe a lot of them wouldn't have different medical   problems caused by unhealthy food.

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Hi, I honestly agree with the fact that a healthy lifestyle is a really good thing for the people. But it's hard to remain in that way. Everyone at least ate more that one 🍬 or more chocolate. Or the people prefer to eat chicken nuggets than a salad or a vegetable supe. Your description of this kind o lifestyle is very good. I liked. :)



I agree with what you say. Nowadays, people have a very disordered diet, in which they eat at any time, becoming a chaotic program.
I think everyone should adopt a healthy lifestyle, rich in fruits and vegetables, but also healthy in giving up meat, because meat is high in protein, an elemental element for the human body.



Itís very true what you said about having a healthy life style but sometimes itís so hard to resist the urge to binge on some delicious highly caloric food. Like you said we should have a diet based around vegetables and fruits. Speaking from experience trying fun recipes with healthy ingredients can really make you want to avoid junk food.


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