It was a boring mid-April night when me and a bunch of friends...... decided that we could no longer stand the monotony of our routines and decided to leave town for a day. The plan was made half-jokingly: we said we would leave the next day, on the cheapest train possible and come back the same day, with a couple of........ new memories.
Uncharacteristically spontaneous, we actually met the next morning at the train station and bought two-way tickets to Bacau, the city furthest away we could afford to go to.
We got there in the scheduled three hours, and free of from parents and responsibility, we enjoyed being in a city where no one knew us, somehow ending up somewhere across the town from the train station, with the concept of time erased from our minds.
After what seemed no longer than an hour, one of us decided to check the time, and, to our surprise and immediate terror, our train back home was in half an hour, and we had no idea where we were.
As any technology dependent teenagers would do, we opened the maps app and searched for the train station, assuming there would be one near us. There were two. With fear starting to bottle up inside each of our brains, and maybe a little tipsy, we had no idea which one of those two was the one where we had arrived that morning. Naturally, with every second, the pressure of time became stronger and so did the tension between us. Everyone had an opinion, but nobody had a solution. With all of my friends passing insults around me and the time passing like never before, I felt as if we were thrown in an impossible situation my faithby fate, which was as ridiculous, as was what I suggested next.
“We’re on an empty street, on a weekday, there's nothing we can except leave it up to luck. Let's flip a coin.” I shrugged after saying that, just to clarify that I was aware of the idiocy of my so-called plan.
Everyone looked at me with both disbelief and defeat. And while the look of hopelessness in their eyes turned into a strange amusement, I threw the coin in air. It sparkled in the sun for a moment, before falling right back into my hand.
“Heads” I concluded, and without another word, we started walking towards one of the stations. When we got there, we recognised the place we had seen that very morning, when we had arrived, completely stress-free.
We ran towards the train to Iasi and got on at the last moment, tired, still tipsy and very thankful to that coin.
I think that’s when I really understood the meaning of ‘be careful what you wish for’, because that trip was nothing if not an escape from the routine.

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