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Family Reunion

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Trust today is something that shapes people and builds bonds between people. There is a place where trust isnít even trust anymore. Itís love. And that place is home. Family is a relative word. We can choose our friends and we can also choose our family. That is why it is such a magical thing to be with people you love. The sad truth is though, we take way too much time to understand this. People arenít forever and only then, when we lose them, ....do.... we understand how much they mean to us.

When I was a little kid, I used to tell my mum how upset I was. There would be a time when humanity will reach........ other galaxies and I would be long gone. She would always smile and say that life tends to surprise ....us.... with how many things it gives you. I never have   have never imagined that the day I would understand that would ......her funeral. There was no place in this universe for me to be without her. But, because adults have to be adults, I had to forget about the memories I had with the woman that taught me how to live. I had to get over it, to continue my life, even then, when a piece of it was gone forever. Then my father. He was the one that showed me the stars. He was the one that would drag me every midnight only to reveal that he was sure he saw an UFO. There was no one with such passion as him for the world. Without him, I would have never known how much a small human can do in this huge universe.

Death is like a black hole. We fear it, we want to be as far away of from it as possible. It sucks everything that touches it and doesnít leave anything but emptiness and sorrow. Still, there is a plot twist. Black holes are beautiful. Even more than beautiful, they are captivating.  Why? Because they are not an end, they are an uncertainty. We canít know what is past, and makes them magical. And so is death believe it or not.

Life is many things: unpredictable, thrilling, generous sometimes, not so much other times. But only death reunites. As much as we want someone back, once crossed, the bridge between these two worlds, there is no turning back. Not completely at least.

When life comes to an end, it doesnít feel like you are running out of time. Actually, you look back and think you have done enough. We try to find a way to not not to be forgotten, but everyone lives a mark on the world, no matter how small. For me it was a filling feeling like falling, falling into a dark place, all my memories becoming something lost in a far, far away place.

But then, as I finally opened my eyes, not even remembering closing them, I saw the people I ....had.... missed all these years. And in that those moments, as my mum took my hand and we went home, I knew I was in the right place, no matter where that was. Everyone was seated at the table, faces that I hardly remembered and others I have never seen until then, everyone smiled. And so, after years of waiting, I had the family reunion I have had waited for so long.

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I donít know if this is heartwarming or heartbreaking , but I almost shed some tears. Itís amazing how people are forever ungrateful and never realize how much they needed something they had until itís gone. Very beautifully written! I think that you made a very good job and you should keep it up!



I love this story very much. Why? Because it shows that even the thing we fear the most is only a new begining for us. I like how you transformed something like the death of the family into something beautiful and artistic and I especially liked how you made a conexion between the unknown and tge stars, between the parents and something that means something for you. I see this text as a form of saying that we tend to appreciate something only after we lose it or if we don't know what is really consists of.



A very beautiful, emotional and interesting story, up to tears... I really like what you put in your composition and I recommend that you keep it that way because you're actually making some very nice, emotional compunations. And by the way, you have a good English. Very nice! Keep it up!AMAZING:)



Great story and a very emotional one. It's true that at most of the time, as teenagers, we don't like family reunions or just to spend time with our parents. But we have to do this things because they love us very much and they love it when we spend time with them.
Also, you have a good english. Keep writing!



I see that you tried to make a very, very good story and you did it. You have some mistakes but nobody is perfect! I like it a lot where you said what you feel back then and that make the text more credible. In conclusion your text have a big, big like from me.


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