Dear diary,
So, today was like any another day, boring. Sometimes I just feel like my life is just so dull. When I look around I see people having drama in their lives, meanwhile the only drama that I have in my life is that I have no junk food left in my kitchen. What can I say? I just want stuff to happen to me. Usually I am that friend that you tell all your problems and you complain about your life to. The problems that I hear from my friends are all about their love life and how their parents suck. And when they are done talking they just say that they want my life and Iím like: Girl you donít.
I get that life happens for everyone at a particular time and so I just have to wait and enjoy that most of my problems come from not knowing what to wear or not having been given enough money to buy all the fast food that I want and that I deserve from my parents.

(prea scurt - mai adauga detalii concrete, exemple)

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