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Material prosperity over spiritual fulfilment

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Aarti Khurana once said “While you are alive collect moments not things, earn respect not money and enjoy love not luxuries.” In our lives we have to live for small things and realize later how big they were.
First of all, I think every human being  wants to become or have the same thing as the one next to him, believing that it means happiness, fulfillment and success. Every person tries to show that he has the job he dreamed, the perfect family and everything he wanted, which obviously makes us believe that this is what we want. True happiness does not consist in how many zeros have the amount of money in your bank  accounts, how expensive is the car you drive, how big is the house you live in or how extravagant your holidays  are. Happiness comes from simple things: moments in the family, going out with friends, a long discussion about life with the person you love, that is, to be you and have the people that matter to you. Wealth consists of material things, but to feel rich means to live the feeling of accomplishment when you have whom to share even small things or moments. You can feel rich in your poverty.
Secondly, all the material for which you have been stressed for so long can disappear in front of you in a matter of minutes, while your memories and successes can’t be taken by anyone. Because one day you die, your grandchildren deserve to hear incredible stories about the life you've lived, and so something of you will stay alive. We are often deluded by the illusion of money, but we must know to use them to make us happy, without falling into the trap of closing our world in the chase after them. We need to learn what really matters in life, otherwise we will be in the endless search for things we don’t really need.
In conclusion, we should live a balanced life and realize that the most beautiful things in life are not things but people, places, experiences and memories.



You are right with what you said. Our happiness will never come with money, but with people, and with the experiences that we have. Money is just the thing that we think we need, because others might make us think that, but the truth really is that money doesn't even last; only our memories do. And this is why we should try to make as much memories as we can, not as much money as we can.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Material prosperity over spiritual fulfilment