In life,money is very important for survive...... ,in one word. Even though surviving isn't just about money ,but it includes the others states of the soul. The people...... mentality has changed since the money started to be worth more.
Now,money influences the attitude ,for example if you want to buy something ,but you don t have the enough money,you became nervous and you can lose the relation....... around you,worst case scenario.
I ask me if I should be happy without a lot of money , or if you and the rest of the world should be,I should change the mentality? Well, I think no..., that s why I'm going to tell you a story ..... when I done anything for win enough money.
I'm a student now ,now I have a good life ,I 'm at University in ....... SUA ,I'm excited and thankful of myself and my st......uggles.
The thanks comes because I know that I brough.... out the best in me for arrive in .......SUA ,not only studying ,but have...... won money since I was 17 years old for being admited at the best University.
I known that with a hard work at schoold I will make it ,but It was necessary a lot of money and parents didn't have it ( they  always supose me )
I worked in a supermarket until I had the money to pay the University.
This story is much longer with failieres by the time,but the idea I want to underline is that those money was important to me and I was more satisfied knowing that it was won by me,day by day,little by little!

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