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It is better to look exceptionally attractive than...?

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It is better to look exceptionally attractive than to have average appearance?   
   Nowadays, even if we donít recognize it, the way we look, the clothes we wear, these have come to prevail in our lives. Unfortunately, through advertisements and different types of marketing, we are manipulated and we lose our identity in the face of the desire to look like a celebrity or as a public figure that we love.
   In my opinion, both an average and an attractive appearance are normal and natural as long as they define our personality.
   First of all, I believe that the most important thing is to feel good in our skin no matter what we wear, the way we set ourselves or the price we pay on clothes or different accessories. I also think that the way we look is superficial and subjective because what is outside does not matter as much as what is inside. Therefore, I consider that in the most cases it is good to have average appearance and we donít have to worry about the way we look every moment of our lives. Whether a person looks exceptionally or not, we do not have to judge him or her because appearances can be often deceveing.
   Secondly, I think that in some cases it is necessary and common sense to present yourself  elegantly dressed...... and have a neat look, to be yoursyour best version. For example, if you attend to an important event, to a job interview, a theater or talk to an audience, itís your moral duty to look exceptional from all points of view. When you go to a job interview, the first impression counts, even if itís not exactly right. Thatís why if you want the best chances to get the job, you have to think about all the details, from the intellectual capabilities you have to the clothes you wear and the way you look at that time.
   In conclusion, we have to find a balance and the most important thing is to feel good no matter how we look, do not judge a book by its cover.

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Unfortunately, the way we look prevail a lot nowadays and it became just a sense of our life, while our real identity is always hidden, as you said, because of manipulation or marketing. I think you are totally right about that sad fact that people pay attention only at appearances and the true self doesnít really matter. Your ideas about finding a balance and feeling good being ourselves are also true and I agree with them. Although, I would like to hear more about your opinion and maybe more arguments on why an average experience could be more profitable in getting a job, for example. Which are the opportunities? Or contrary how looking exceptionally attractive could help you in getting more advantages?

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You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Life lessons » It is better to look exceptionally attractive than...?