Being a parent is the biggest challenge a person can accept, and I say this from my parents' experience with me. However, I am totally against any kind of violence, therefore, against any kind of punishment, especially when it comes to one’s own children. I strongly believe that these children are smart enough to understand for themselves what is good and what is bad from their own mistakes. Otherwise, parents should be competent and have the patience to explain to them.
First of all, parents are the main and most important example of the child, so corporal punishment can easily pass into the child's behavior towards other children. When they become parents, they will  probablythink that minor corporal punishment helped their parents manage certain situations and will copy this technique for their own children. It would also be immoral to draw your child's attention that he did something wrong with an UNACCEPTABLE method.
Secondly, I believe that the way parents raise their children is closely related to the education they have received and how they have been raised. It is clear that we are not born to be parents and experience is the best teacher, but being a parent is a full time job, so there is no room for too many mistakes. So I think any person should be informed before having a baby to make sure that's what they want. Also, I think it's about the sloth of some of them. It takes 2 seconds to hit him, while you going down to his level and convincing him with many arguments that what he did should not be repeated will take at least 5 minutes.
In conclusion, the peaceful way is the hardest, but will always have better and longer-lasting results. I personally will not be the kind of parent who accepts corporal punishment, no matter the gravity of the situation.

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