Today’s world focuses more on appearances than ever. People show mostly who they are by how they look: their clothes, style, their latest gadget and Instagram profile, it is all there to be seen and appreciated. Celebrities’ popularity hangs on the number of followers, looks, brands promoted and social contacts and not just in the Hollywood world, but in everyday life, too. The more beautiful a person is, the more success they have with their peers and even in career. People are just drawn to good-looking humans. After all, which is better: to be exceptionally beautiful or just average?

Most people would undoubtedly agree to say that beautiful ones have it easier, both with social life and work. When it comes to career, several studies show that the better-looking ones have higher chances of getting hired and having a better salary than an average-looking colleague of the same gender and with a similar resume. On a psychological level, beautiful people are to be trusted easily just because they unconsciously impress everyone they meet with their looks and presence. It is no different situation if it is to be talked about networking, also. Because of their appearance, attractive ones tend to have a higher level of confidence than most, which results in the ability to have new social contacts at ease. It means more popularity, more friends and acquaintances and higher chances of having a potential partner.

However, it is not all sunshine and rainbows for beautiful people, because there are quite a number of disadvantages, too. More often than not, humans tend to project their own insecurities on others and might feel threatened by those who display better features. For example, good-looking individuals might be met with resistance by people of the same gender and especially those in higher authority, which would make it harder to get promoted or ascend in a better position. Another drawback would be that there are a number of stereotypes based on outer appearance and beautiful ones are thought of being superficial, self-centered and hard to approach, which means that they would have to put in more effort to connect with others than average people.

In conclusion, there is no clear line who has it easier between the better-looking individuals and those with more common features. The more fortunate ones while they are more likeable and can get easily what they want, also have to face stereotypes and conceived preconceptions about them which are not so easy to deal with. As for me, I would not mind being labeled as selfish or arrogant if it meant looking better than most.

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