Many people are influenced by the music they listen to. And the influence can be seen in their clothes, those who listen to reggae have more colorful, wide and as many accessories as possible, or those who listen to classical music are dressed more conformist......, more elegante. Well, so people who listen to rock have a style that has consecrated attitude.
      First what is rock? Rock 'n roll music appeared in the United States in the '40s and' 50s, representing a combination of African-American musical styles such as jazz, gospel, blues, country and more. It became a common language, a revolutionary style that transcends race, religion, occupation and becomes a motor of social movements in that period.
      Now that you think of a rocker you imagine someone in black, a leather jacket,  with a white t-shirt so one with a skull or something else, jeans, boots, a lot of metal accessories and tattoos, the look complemented by a more dramatic makeup and long haircut, especially boys. Well this is considered the classic rock style. However, some elements have been added that differentiate the style of the day from the past. Elements like colored hair, combining black with other colors, like red, pink, green, blue or even yellow. Face paintings were added to her piercings. Boots can be replaced with sports shoes or something else.
     Indeed, this style is bold and darker. But it characterizes the music that gave it life. A music that is rebellious, full of depth and initiative. This style is adopted by people who are adept at this type of music and find themselves in it. But also this style is adopted by people who don't  listen to rock but just like to dress like that or even the other people who like rock doesn't necessarily dress like that.
       Still, there are certain groups of people who foolishly judge if they see you dressed in black with metal accessories and various tattoos. But they do not know the revolutionary history of this style, which marked the middle of twenty century.

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