Is it better to prioritise oneís own material prosperity over spiritual fulfilment
           One of the most controversial topics of the modern era is represented by this topic[pune un predicat] , as more people become more wealthy day by day, but most forget about the essential part aboutof life, living it.
           In my opinion, this topicatitudedepends on every individual person , as one might seek to enrich themselves spiritually , while others might put wealth on the first place.
           First of allOn the one hand, I would choose spiritual fulfilment over material prosperity. [incepe o noua propozitie] because I believe that memories are the most important things in our lives, they can help us brighten up when we are sad, or make us laugh years after the experience has passed, because memories stay with us until our last days and they make our lives beautiful just by remembering them, while material goods get replaced in a couple of years, not really having a significant impact on our lives.
           On the other hand[pe de alta parte] I certainly donít condemn people who choose material prosperity over spiritual fulfilment. [incepe o noua propozitie] after all How you are being raised has an impact on that too, if one is raised to love things over time with friends or family , that person would surely pick material prosperity because that has made him happy over the years, it all comes down to the individual person.
           In the end I want to say that you canít really know if itís better to prioritise one of the two, but you can make that decision for yourself and you can also respect other people's decision between the two.

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