Is minor corporal punishment acceptable for one’s own children?
         Corporal punishment is something we frequently encounter these days as many parents either don’t know how to treat their children, or caring for a child is the last thing they have on their mind, seen seeing as nowadays a lot of children are born in families with little to noneno knowledge of taking care of a kid. In my opinion, corporal punishment is not acceptable even if it’s used on one’s own children, it is not ok to punish your children like this because there will be consequences in the future.
         First of all, corporal punishment is a serious threat to a child’s mental health. [pune punct si incepe o propozitie noua] because Even if the punishment is minor , it has a hugesignifiant impact on the kidchild’s future mentality as the kids tend to replicate the behavior that they have seen at in their parents, but it will also mean that the punished child will tend to be more reticent when talking to his parents because of the fear that the parents will get mad at him, even if it will not be the case anymore.
        Secondly, I believe that these days there are more ways of “punishing” your own kidchild. Now every youngsterkid usually has a smartphone or a computer that can be taken away from him if he does something wrong, soor a good parent should talk to him, show him his mistake and put his own kid on the right path, rather than using physical force.
        To conclude my opinion, I want to say that I think minor corporal punishment is not acceptable and should be considered a crime, because it is known that children are severely affected severely by this.

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