When it comes to our friends, we always want what is best for them and want to help them with whatever we can. That is why, whenever they make a mistake, we need to consider pointing it out rather than kindly ignoring them.
When our friends do something wrong, we should help them become the best version of themselves and advise them what they should do or how they should change their approach; if they made a mistake and didn't realize it, it means they need our help, and we should try to make them understand exactly why what they did was wrong.
When you point out other people's mistakes, they might just think that you are being rude to them and get offended; but regardless of that, if we think that they need help and we can do something about it, we should always point out their failings and try to correct them, not kindly ignore them or hope that they would go unnoticed.
In conclusion, my opinion is that when one of our friends makes a mistake, we should try to help them, even if it might not be the easiest approach, since it is the best thing we could do for them when we think that they need to correct themselves.

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