In the past the most popular and useful option to discipline your child was  physical punishment like slapping,hitting with an object or spanking. This method helps the child when is young to know his limits and rules but for long time this can have very damaging results about child s personality and maybe he will come back against you.
               In my opinion  I'm not don't agree this kind of punishment for  children because this can have more consequences in ...a long term like: bullying other children, depression,anxiety, fear of their parents, being aggressive or lowering self-esteem.
               In conclusion, the minor corporal punishment for your own's children are bad, damaging  and it can affect their behavior in a long term  and I think that a parent can use another method for managing behavior for their child like, as example: promise him something which he wantsvery.. much if he hadn't respected your rules so in this way he will know what  is allowed  and not allowed.

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