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Minor corporal punishment is acceptable for oneís own children?

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Corporal punishment is a punishment intended to cause physical pain and it is most often practised on kids by their parents or their teachers. Is minor corporal punishment  acceptable for oneís own children?
The answer is of course NO. I mean itís not ok to punish your child in that way, if he/she done something wrong you can just tell them. I donít know, if I am going to be a parent I hope I will never do that . I think most of the parents punish their kids when theyíre angry but if they canít control themselvesthen they have a big problem. I made some mistakes too when I was a little younger and maybe i am making now too but my parents (I mean my dad because he is tougher than my mother) never hit me and in my opinion this is a normal thing. I had a friend who have been punished by his mother and she hit him with the hose from the washing machine, I donít even know if this is funny or scary.. what if you entered the house 5 minutes later than your mother said and you saw her with a hose or with a slipper or anything else in her hand Ö it looks like a horror movie. So I think that this isnít a good thing ,a kid doesnít understand anything if you punish him like this, he/she will be terrified in that moment but in the future he/she will make the same mistakes and he/she will be angry and maybe he/she will not want to talk to you for days.

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I have never thought there are so many ways you can punish your child and agree that it's just like a horror movie. It would be terrible to always live with the fear of doing something wrong , it's just traumatic!  :no:



Kids should be learning from their mistakes and they should be encouraged in making mistakes, just for the sake of making them. In that way, they will learn that what they did is wrong/bad, depending on what they did. At some points in life, they will remember what they did when they were kids and they will think twice before making a move in any way possible. That, in my opinion, is the best way to educate your child. Of course, you still need to teach them what is wrong/good as a parent, but you should also let them experiment, that way they will grow as responsible adults.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Minor corporal punishment is acceptable for oneís own children?