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Minor corporal punishment is acceptable for one's own children?

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When they are small but also when they grow up, children always do things that adults find wrong although they probably did madethe same mistakes when they were young. Adults, however, have to draw their children's attention to their mistakes and have to correct them so that they don't hurt themselves by repeating the same mistake.  As for minor corporal punishment, I think it is not useful for educating a child because it just  draws a child's attention to something the adult thinks is wrong but doesn't make him understood understandwhere he was wrong or what to do to correct his mistake.
[pune topic sentence, fara 'because']Firstly, when we talk about minor corporal punishment, we can't think of something very drastic because we all rece.....ive in our lives at least a slap because we didn't stay quietly where we were told to stay or for other reasons, but even so, this kind of punishment should not be practiced because there are always other ways to make a child obedient, such as talk.  In order to make a children listen to you, you have to should tochoose your words well and most of the time you need to dump them with sweets or toys, but you never have to should toresort to things like minor corporal punishment.
Secondly, minor corporal punishment is not productive ,[pune punct, propozitie noua]but on the contrary, this kind of punishment makes the children afraid to make mistakes, so that they became adults who are afraid to try new things, who are afraid to make mistakes and who can't learn from their own mistakes. Children should be taught that they can learn something from any mistake and they should not be afraid to make mistakes as long as they do their best to correct their mistakes and not to repeat itthat. YeahYes.., kids can sometimes be annoying and can get you out of your minds, but as a parent, you have to stay calm, to get down to your child's level of understanding and to explain to them what he does wrong and how he can correct his mistake.
In conclusion, minor corporal punishment is not good and shouldn't be practiced because there are other ways you can make a child listen to you and also so much manyways to make them understand and correct their mistakes.

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I agree with you as a parent you should never punish your kids in this way, but what can we do to make them stop doing that thing: if we try to talk with them they will never listen, if we hit them we are bad parents, if we don't do anything they'll continue to make the same mistake so what's the best thing that a parent can do to make his/her child better. :question:



It is a very good question but because I can not answer with my own experience I can not say for sure which is the best method. But I think the only way you can make your child listen to you is to try to explain to him what is good and what is not in a way he can understand. The most important thing is to keep your calm as long as possible. :flag:

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You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Minor corporal punishment is acceptable for one's own children?