From the beginning of times till now there has always existed trouble in understanding how it is the best to educate a child. Of course, in ancient times when the human had just started to develop as an intelligent spieces, the best way to turn a kid to the right path was believed to be a sort of physical punishment. Unfortunately, with time, this aspect hasnít changed too much, as nowadays we can still see people hitting their own children for the slightest mistake they make. Considering that this pattern has remained constant for thousands of years, can we really tell if this is the right way to teach our children how to behave?

From my point of view, corporal punishment represents only a way to scare children not to do the same thing once again. Most of the times they donít really learn what they did wrong and they start acting like little robots following instructions so their parents stop the physical and verbal threats. Hitting your own child surely causes them trauma, however small the action may look to you as a parent, and eventually, it has a significant role in the emotional separation between the kid and the parent. So, technically talking, corporal punishment isnít the best idea considering what the kid has to learn from their mistakes, the relationship with the parents and the possible trauma that can affect their future.

However, this kind of punishment might seem to be the only way some children get to learn something. Starting from simple school troubles to serious behavior problems, some kids donít accept to just behave well because their parents ask them so; they need reasons to do better, or rather, not to do bad again. In this case, the parent is not necessarily the bad cop, but just doesnít know what else to do about their child. We could say that the kid himself "asks" to be hit and the parents are only trying their best.

In conclusion, the topic of corporal punishment can have so many pros and cons depending from what side we look at it. When the child is surely innocent and the parents find themselves agressive for no reason, thatís wrong and harassing. When there is no way left to teach a child, hitting could be understood for nothing but a last instance help. It is hard to know when to do it and when not to, and this problem has lived for many years, so we will need as many years to find a way to solve it.

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