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prioritise oneís own material prosperity over spiritual fulfilment

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[adauga introducere]
In these days prioritising material prosperity over spiritual fulfilment is very common because people are attracted by money and don't think about their real feelings

I think that prioritising oneís own material prosperity over spiritual fulfilment is a bad and selfish thing. I consider that spiritual fulfilment is the most important thing, to be healthy and to have a familiy and friends with whom you can be very happy.

In fact material prosperity is just a matter of time. Today you have a lot of money and tommorow youíll have nothing left. What really lasts are the people:your family and your friends. Their love is unconditionally and they will help you whenever you need help and support.

On contrary, it is true that money makes you happy because you can buy what you want and money will help you to grow, but also money creates enemies and bad thoughts.

On the other hand, a lot of people think that they are fulfilled if they have money and when something bad happens like a death, they find out that they cannot bring back the person with money. Then they realise that money doesnít matter and that they should have spent more time with that person instead of worrying how to make much money.

In conclusion, living a life and prioritising. the material prosperity is not worth it, instead you should live caring about your siritual fulfilment and this will bring to you the success .

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I agree with you when you said that one's spirit and relationships are more important than the number of digits in the bank account, however we should not forget about the practical side of life and the fact that we need financial stability to live comfortable. I think both are almost as important and balance is the way to manage between those two.



Nice composition, buddy! I like how you structured the ideas in different paragraphs, even thought they were maybe too short? But personally I donít think money radiate such a bad energy, and yes, money can totally buy happiness, and not bad thoughts, that would be just stupid.



A nice composition! It is very well written and in the same time very true. I appreciate people who see some things exactly as they are. There are many who think spirituality is only about God and religion but this is not true. It is about our soul, about we as people!



That's an important topic and you were really brave to speak your mind.
I agree with the fact that spiritual fulfillment is more important than anything else, but I am not really sure what that means. You said about close family ties and friends... but is that all? Aren't there some people that claim they have everything this world can provide ( family, friends, success, status, money..,) and still feel there s something missing? Is that true? Are they lying?
Maybe we will never know...  :confused:


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Practical stuff » prioritise oneís own material prosperity over spiritual fulfilment