[adauga context, istoric; nu incepe argumentarea din introducere
In our days the way you look describes you and your personality. People have a tendency to judge you by the way you're dressed.

]In my opinion it is better to look very attractive than to have an average appearance because all the people make an impression by the way you look. So if you look amazing they will have a good impression about you, but if you have an average appearance they will not have any interest in you.

Firstly, the way you look is your card. First impressions are made by your appearance, the way you look and then the way you act and speak. If you have a good appearance you have more chances to get what you want or to be liked by a lot of people. Who wouldn’t want to have a conversation with a beautiful,stylish and confident woman? Also, if you are very well dressed and you take care of the way you look, you will atract people like you: well dressed with an exceptional look.

Otherwise, if you don’t care about the way you look no one will be interested in you. Everybody will ignore you. This is very sad because you are transmitting to the world that you are very lazy, you don’t care about anything, and this is a disadvantage especially when you want a job or when you have a date.

Secondly, a breathtaking look is an advantage for you, because you look more interesting than the others. You have a lot of chanches to gain whatever you want.
Also the way you act is bound with the way you look. If you are very confident and happy you will attract the good.

As well, a person who likes to be in the spotlight would like to be very well dressed in order to attract more people’s looks. A person who feels uncomfortable when a lot of people look at her, can be very stylish and on trend,  is depend........ing on how much he or she wants to “explore” the fashion.

To summarise, it is better to look exceptionally attractive than to have an average appearance because you will have more advantages in life.

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