I am not the type of person who always says “Wow, he/she’s such a nice person! How admirable he/she is”. However, I can say that I admire one of my best friends, Mitch. We are knowing for at least a decade and I guess she became in that time just like a family member.
She is pretty tall, with a beautiful long dark hair and blue eyes. We followed the same primary school and middle school until we went to High School. In all that time, we supported each other in all the problems, I take her part and she mine too!  Passing off her physical beauty, she is a very nice person too. A very good listener, she found always a good word for everybody.  She is not a dull; she speaks off her mind most of the times, but in a way so you won’t get embarrassing or hurt anymore. A very lively person, Mitch use to integrate very well in many social groups. Even if in most of her entourages there are smokers and drinkers, she is still a dutiful girl. She dreams to study at Psychology University and become a famed psychologist. At school, she used to help other students at homework or tests and that’s why she entre first at her High School.
We met for the first time in first grade, when the teacher put us in the same bench. We didn’t like each other from the beginning but our home road was on the same way so every day for the next year we walked together and that’s how we started our friendship. Most guys asked me why I don’t wanna  get into a relationship with her and here I respond “Maybe yes, maybe no, but  now we are O.K. and I don’t want to lose a person like her. We are more than  friends, we are brothers.”
“Because brothers don’t let each other wander in the dark alone.” (Jolene Perry)