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It is aproppiate to try to eat as healthy as possible

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   In our days a lot of people eat unhealthy food and they have health problems, they feel exhausted or depressed.

I think that trying to eat as healthy as possible is the best thing that you can ever do because healthy food doesnít give you just a good feeling, also gives you  an extraordinary life.

   Firstly, I know that itís very hard for someone to completely change their eating style but if you really want to have a good life, full of happiness nothing can stop you.
The first thing that you can do is to give up eating fast food. This food is not real food and also is cooked in dirty conditions. It tastes amazing but it has a lot of bad sides.

Secondly, the motivation is the key! If you really want to be healthy just trying to eliminate the junk food would change you a lot.
Your mind will be happier, your body will feel energetic and your life will be improved.

On the other hand, trying to eat healthy food will make you to love a healthy life and all the things that have a healthy impact to onyour life such as sport.
Going to the gym or to bunggie bungee jumping will become your favorite activities.

Moreover, healthy eating has a lot of benefits like: it keeps your bones strong, improve your mood and your memory, and assures asures you a good sleep.

There are a lot of ways in order to have a healthy life: you can take a cooking class and learng how to incorporate more vegetables in your meals or you can go to a doctor who can provide you with tips on having a healthy diet.

In conclusion, I think that it is very aproppiate to try to eat as healthy as possible because in our days there are a lot of bad things which threatens us like pollution and we have to take care of our body and health by doing the single thing possible: eating heathy and then improving with doing sports.

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If you want to be healthy it is very important to live like that. A very good composition and a true one. I appreciate people that try to live a healthy as the modern society can let you. Do how much sport do you can and eat as many fruit and vegetables you can. That's the best advice to leave well



I think just the same, so I can't really tell you if you convinced me or not. :) The main thing that I appreciate about your essay is that you wrote about the 'psychological' effect a healthy lifestyle has on you, apart from the physical health. It really is true that making little changes like, let's say, drinking more water or eating less junk food makes you feel a lot better. Everyone should try doing this at least once in their life!



I m sure that a healthy life is better for everyone. But  where s the education for a healthy life? There are so many families where the education about what to eat doesn t exist so that s a real problem. A little people speak about the food with others so somebody is in his square doing what s "normal" in particular.
I like that you spoke about health ,even if it s  just a homework by teacher ovi.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Practical stuff » It is aproppiate to try to eat as healthy as possible