since I was little I ...... admire... the unusual people.  fortunately, I have had such people in my life.  one of them is my uncle, very smart and artistic man, but a little bit creepy.  now I want to talk about him.
when I was little I always drew attention to her white skin, blue eyes and blond hair. when I was little, I was in love with him, and he always was thoughtful and affectionate (as much as an uncle can afford).  he was telling interesting things, stories and tales, and also he always wrote poems, but never published them, but since I grew older he began to show me them.  my uncle always wears black clothes, and do.... not wear gloves only in the summer and uses a lot of sunscreen cream because of his sensitive skin. Octa, like he likes to be called, is a sad, malignant person, but he feels offended when someone calls him depressed.  I admire the way he loves his wife and I want to love how I guess he loves him.  one time he told me about the domestic violence in his childhood, how his father beat him, and his mother was embarrassed and patient because she thought it was better for kids to have a dad beside them, and his deceased dad was the only source of money in their house. also he remembered how his older brother killed 7 kittens, and since then he does not support cats because he remembers those seven dead bodies. Octa adores the dried flowers and taught me how to dry them properly.

I consider myself a happy person because I had the opportunity to grow under his influence, and I think sometimes we do not have to look far away for someone interesting, we just have to look around us.

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