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Friends' failings

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Friendship is the gift that life offers to people. Over time we make friends  that we feel attached ..to..... , we spend a lot of time with them and we help them when they ask for advice.
               In my opinion, it is better to point out friendís failings than to kindly ignore them.
               First of all, when you care about a person, you tend to be more severe with him. You tell him in a direct way when he fails. If you point out one of the mistakes made by a friend, he will change his behaviour and he will realise that he did a bad thing. For example, if your close friend broke his motherís phone, you have the responsability to encourage him to tell the truth, to  find a way to fix the problem. If  you ignore his failures......, your friend will not develop, he will repeat the mistake.
              Secondly, if you talk face to face with a friend about a personal problem, instead of [color=green]ignoring[/color] the problem, it means that you have  a true friendship, you should feel lucky that you have in your life a person who cares about you and who wants you to become a better person.
               In conclusion, itís good to have a friend who wants what is best for you and who is always there for you.

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I agree with what you said, sometimes we tend to be more critical with the people who are closest to us and I do not think it's a bad thing because it's for their benefit to have people who want to help them to become a better person. I think everyone wants to have honest friends who want them good. ;)



You're right, a friend should  always be  there for you with a good advice. Also a good friend will support you no matter what and will try to help you to decide what's best  for you to do.



Yes, you're kinda right, but we better tell our friends what they do wrong in a good manner, because what works for you may not work for another. We should totally stay by their sides when they are trying to change for you, because you basically told them something  was wrong. Anyways, it actually is a nice writing, even though it's short you stated all the facts that were needed and you structured the text in correct paragraphs, with the right link-words. Try elaborating so it seems longer. Keep up!!



I agree with your point of view! I think once you become more attached to someone, you start to want more and more of their good, even if it means being directly with him and telling him when he is wrong.
Also, I like your comparison between friendship and a gift. Thus, friendship is really a wonderful gift full of surprises and advantages worth discovering.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Life lessons » Friends' failings