the last time I had a family meeting was last year in October.  this happened because my cousin, Alexandra, gave birth to twins, a girl named Eva and a boy named Andrew. 

the father's sisters also have come , one of them lives in Ukraine, near the Moldavian area.  the other aunt was in Israel because my uncle is working at the Foreign Affairs Ministry and he was sent to work in Israel for 2 years.  I was glad to see my cousins, even if I did not communicate.... with some of them for a long time.  honestly, some of them are strange and toxic people.  I've been teasing by them for many years, but I'm glad thet I grew up and they stopped.  unfortunately grandfather is no longer among us, but grandmother remains as optimistic as he was when her husband was alive.  my mother has prepared a lot of food and I do not understand why she always does that.  from my point of view, we don't know tow to show somebody we love or care them, unless there is a shitload of food around. we waste a lot of time for preparing this food, for internal thoughts and struggle and we lost a lot of money. we think wrong..... about food, but we don't know an another way to show our emotions, we have not been taught ..... . 

  but, in spite of everything enjoyed a nice time with family, because the reason for the reunion was a gratifying one.  I left all the conflicts to one side and I went over my pride.  the little party started at 5 PM, and it lasted for several hours.  I think my cousin and her children were very tired.  I also received a gift from my uncle; a book that I ........ wanted for a long time.
  I first saw a woman breastfeeding her children and I was fascinated.

and, in the end I want to say that even if we can not choose our family and sometimes we can have toxic people, we have to enjoy any beautiful moment... and try to get out of our comfort zone.

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