last winter was terribly cold.  I often went out naked, did not sleep enough, and I got sick very badly.  I missed a week from school, was asleep, was eating very little and had fever. Together with my mom we deicded to visit a doctor and to understand what the main problem was. ............ (conjuncție) the doctor was very aggressive and frustrated, so we had to go to another hospital. 

I hate ........... when doctors behave rude........ to patients because patients come for help and the doctor is their hope.

  after that, together with my mother, we went to another hospital and the doctor told us that I had an aggravated form of pneumonia and anemia.  my mom was shocked,..............(conjuncție) she did not expect that, and I was hospitalized. psychologically , it was a very difficult time for me.  I had emotional crises quite often, because the atmosphere of the hospital was dark.  sick and tired people, lack of intimacy and horrible food made me cry very often.  I count............ the days before I can go home.  my parents visited me every day, but that did not help me, it was part of the routine.  the winter vacation had come, and I was still in the hospital.  I wanted to go for a walk with my friends, make plans for the new year, have fun, but I did not know what would happen to my illnesses.  One day my friends visited me, they brought me chocolate and I felt better.  my health was still bad, but I was hoping to get out of that hospital.  on the eve of Christmas doctors told me I could go home, and that day I felt better than any other day of my life.  I thought "finally.  I will be home. "

I was glad that hell was over and that the food at home is delicious.
I came to the conclusion that I need......... to take more care of my physical and psychological health.

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