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It is appropriate to try to eat as healthy as possible?

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Many people ask themselves: Is it so important to eat healthy?Is It is necessary to make the effort to eat as healthy as possible although we are surrounded by all kinds of foods considered unhealthy but tasty than healthy food? Well, from my point of view, it is important to choose carefully what we eat because we already live in a polluted world where there are not many things that we can call healthy, where even the air we breathe is not  healthy for our body because of toxic gases produced by machines and factories, so it is important to try to live as healthy as possible.
Today we hear all kinds of opinions and tips from nutritionists about what and how to eat, what is healthy and what is not and, unfortunately, these tips only contribute to the unhealthy habits of people because with so many tips people don't know what to trust so they decide that nothing is true and refusesrefuse the idea of ​​living healthier.The desire to live healthier must come from
every each person, in the same way that
every each person has to decide what is healthy and what is not for herself. Tips should not be ignored, but ultimately, the only person who can know what's best for you is yourself.
But what reason do we have to give up unhealthy food in exchange for healthy food? Apart from the desire to lose weight, we must be aware that food plays a very important role in our health and that an unbalanced and unhealthy diet can bring with it diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart problems and more, each of which may be fatal. Also, besides health benefits, healthy food can also be very tasty so we do not lose anything if we give up unhealthy food in exchange for healthy food.
So in conclusion, if healthy food can bring so many benefits, why ..do........ people continue to live unhealthy? Reasons may vary from one person to another, but one of the issues might be the wrong perception of what constitutes healthy food. Many people mistakenly believe that healthy food consists only of raw vegetables and fruits or tasteless food but this is not true because there are plenty of healthy foods that are also easy to domake, a simple search on the internet bringing a lot of recipes and ideas. .........Finaly......, It is good and even necessary to try to eat as healthy as possible because we have to take care of our body so that we can enjoy the beauties that life brings to us.

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I think that you are right when you say that we should eat as healthy as possible, since our health and physical condition depends on it; and in a world where nothing around us seems to be good for our body anyway, we should do our best and try to eat and keep ourselves as healthy as we possibly can; and that doesn't necessarily mean eating nothing but raw vegetables and fruits, but mostly cuting off on junk food  :D



I absolutely agree with you, we should pay more attention to what we put in our bodies, health is built in little steps so if we make a little change everyday the results will come right away :)



I agree with you healthy food is very important, but nutritionists aren't bad people who told you what to eat and what to do, maybe a little bit, their job is to help you to try something new like avocado  :P (many people don't eat avocado because it seems too exotic and it doesn't taste very good) and also they can help you if you don't know what to eat... i mean if you are trying to be vegeterian or vegan or raw vegan you need help to know how to survive because you can't bring as much protein as meat lovers  from your veggies. You're right many people are scared because many nutritionists are annoying and they don't let you eat what you want but let's see the good part : they help you to lose weight and that's what everyone want  :yep:



Hi! I think everything you said is true. We feel disturbed because we receive different recommendations for healthy food and we don't know what we choose. The temptation for fast food is getting bigger, even if we know that it is unhealthy, we continue to eat, because fast food contains specific substances that give  a certain taste, which seems perfect to us. Unfortunately, we live in one of the most polluted countries in Europe, so if we want a long life, we need to take care of our life and to make the good choices.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Practical stuff » It is appropriate to try to eat as healthy as possible?