Dear Sir,
I want to make a recommendation letter for my friend, Jessie, who wants to be a waiter at your restaurant.
First of all, Jessie is a well-educated person and she can also speak three foreign languages, English, Spanish and French. For example, the past year, ......... has been employed as a translator by a travel company from our the country. Moreover, she is perhaps able to understand the customers' demands and she works very well in a team. Over the years, she has participated in many competitions and projects that required teamwork, and many times, her team has been winned.
Secondly, I recommend her for her beautiful character. Jessie is a friendly and welcoming person who knows how to behave with the people around her. She is a person who has a lot of patience, which is the essence of a waiter. When her aunt asks her for help, she takes care of her 3-year-old cousin who is a very naughty child, but she has a lot of patience with him.
Finally I recommend her for this job for her knowledge and her qualities.
Yours faithfully,

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