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Should we drive a car as soon as possible?

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We live in a world where every thing evolves and where the thinking of generations is different. In my opinion, people, especially teenagers should not drive as soon as possible.
Firstly,the teenagers are at the age of unconsciousness and they do not show maturity. At this age, when children are at high school, they have to learn to get the best grade at school. Also, the driving license exam is less important than a baccalaureate that can affect our future. The fact that students have to learn for school leads to the failure of the exam for the driving license and driving school is not very cheap.
Secondly, we can see more and more road accidents in which a teenager is the driver. This is due to lack of maturity. The teenage age is an unreliable condition in which children consume alcohol or drugs and then climb to the streets causing tragedy.
Admittedly, having the license as soon as possible has the advantage of being able to move quickly to one place. However, today there are also the means of transport that can help you more ,the have priority in traffic.
In conclusion, it is not a good thing to have a driving license as soon as possible because the disadvantages are more numerous and pose a risk to teenagers and their lives.

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Hello,butterfly09!I am not entirely in agreement with you. Even if young people have to learn for school, to get good grades, I do not believe the studying for driving school can compromise their school results. Young people, as contemporary society is changing, retain information very easily and are more responsible than previous generations. Also, if we look at today's cars such as Mercedes or Tesla, we will see that they are so technologically advanced that they can lead a man from point A to point B in a stand-alone way. In addition, these facilities, such as parking alone, automatic braking, or self-avoiding accidents, have reduced the level of abilities a young man should have to drive. With the development of technology in the contemporary era, the legal age to drive should go down.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Should we drive a car as soon as possible?