The village is truly an organic Romanian social unit. Everything that belongs to us more fully and is grown more alive in the village is. The historical wonder of the Romanian people in front of whom foreign and Romanian historians are puzzled can find it all here. Our old civilization is a village civilization, about which we can say it was with the people.
    I don't really go through the villages, but I only have one in my mind. I don't know what it is the name of this village, but it was extraordinary. It was spring, the season when it all comes to life. The blossoming trees, dressed in small pink and white flowers, the grass of a glowing green that barely grew. Everything was like a painting. After my gaze was taken by these miracles of nature, the houses one by one began to appear. It is easy to see that this village has retained its tradition, fountains with clear spring water and trees, which are seen among the paths. In the courtyard of the houses, we saw people taking care of the things in the garden, children playing without stopping and elderly people enjoying the moments of peace, standing on a bench in front of the house. What could be more beautiful than that? I have one regret: that I could not have a little time in that village to admire it in the true sense of the word. All I noticed was from the car. But do you imagine how unreal was everything that I still have all this things in my mind? Simply incredible!
   This is our country, which we unfortunately don't know how to protect her.

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